Why should you join as a Brand Ambassador ?
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  • You will work with 10 to 100 refugee graduates directly
  • You will create visible and direct impact on their lives
  • You will earn a reward of $100 or $2000 for every deal you close
  • Your refugee graduate will earn $3600 per year for every deal you close
How will you make a difference ?
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  • Everyday 1000s of refugees create a chance to meet with their potential clients
  • However, they don’t have the right infrastructure to create a seamless meeting experience
  • As their ambassador with seamless internet connectivity, you will help bridge this gap
  • You will help your refugee graduates cross this chasm by being there for them
What do you need to do ?
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  • You will be dedicating a minimum of 2 hours a week for meeting potential clients virtually
  • You will create a calendar link for clients to book a meeting with you and the refugee graduate
  • You will pitch the StepUp.One story and how we deliver results for our clients
  • You will close the deal with the client by answering their questions