Vikramjit Singh

10 Years

Personal Information

I am an Architect, Enterprenuer and an Engineer at heart. I come with a unique skillset ranging from an ability to persuade strategies with CxOs and also capable of sitting with an engineer to drive solution. An attitude i developed by setting up start-ups and working in start-up environments.

My approach to solutioning is to develop deeper understanding of the Value to be delivered, Algorithmic thinking should be at the core of engineering, Research and Innovation should be key building blocks. In every project i have worked, i have managed to setup Research and Innovation function to identify radical benefits.

My work has typically involved in recent years, working with head of architecture, head of delivery, CTO, business managers in developing vision & roadmap, designing and advising digital solutions. In my recent engagement, i introduced Graph DB as a way of radically optimising a supply chain planning solution and it has gone live. I have also successfully pursuaded key stakeholders to enable org changes to deliver better value and employee motivation.

I believe every problem can be answered by a digital solution; from automated systems to AI enabled Digital Police. I will be motivated by roles that allow me to engineer positive changes to society, human and animal lives and environment. A role that tests all of my strengths and weaknesses, by setting high expectations for achievement and demands high impact to its stakeholders.

I believe in creating solutions without being constrained by the features of products or technologies currently in the market. You will find me having an ability to take a step back and rethink how to solve problems more efficiently with the latest technologies rather than merely repeating the old ways using the newer tools. I bring to table a deep understanding of technology and their evolutionary drivers, ethical values, passion for improving human life, drive to finish, and a keen interest on applying innovative techniques.


Leading from the Front
With ideas that Work
by organising teams with purpose
Amplifying through technology
How did I acquire these skills
  1. Running a business vertical for an $11 billion technology company
  2. Conceptualized and delivered ideas resulting in brand new business ventures
  3. Built and managed teams with a sense of purpose and outcome
  4. Leveraged technology to amplify outcomes
  5. Motivated and Inspired teams to persevere



How did I learn these languages

  1. English has been my language throughout the school & at work
  2. Learned Hindi from colleagues & practice regularly with friends
  3. Tamil is my mother tongue


Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
Deep Learning by Andrew Ng
Justice by Michael Sandel

How did I earn these certificates

  1. Machine Learning from Coursera
  2. Deep Learning from Coursera
  3. Justice from Harvard University

My Journey & My Experience


Born in Madurai, India


Studied in Chennai, India


Completed University in BITS, pilani


Worked as an SAP consultant


Joined Infosys


Product Manager at TIBCO, Palo Alto


Program Manager at UBS, London


Multiple Leadership Roles in Infosys Europe

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