The StepUp.One team came about in response to the challenge Mohammad Hassan threw at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2019. Refugees, like all of us, have a right to access quality education and meaningful employment. Their rights are, however, limited due to a number of reasons. The idea to change this narrative was initiated by Mohamed Anis.

We aspire to:

  1. Reskill the refugees in a marketable online skill
  2. Find refugees employment to help them learn and grow
  3. Mentor refugees to execute these jobs
  4. Get them paid a fair market wage
  5. Build self-esteem and confidence

Democratize wealth distribution through education, employment, and entrepreneurship

Reskill the refugees in the camps on a marketable skill and find them jobs globally that pay and can be executed locally.

We are a not-for-profit organization and our goal is to get them started

Team of people who have come together to help the refugees reskill, find jobs, execute jobs and get paid

Help us in the process of reskilling at scale and finding employment at scale

Help us with an opportunity for the refugees to execute

Supporting us with the selection, space, infrastructure, connectivity and most importantly identity