Daniel Anguah Jr.


Personal Information

As a Human Rights activist, DK Anguah Jr is the Founder of Left Rights, a social enterprise that informs improves, advocates, protects and enforces Human Rights.
He works with his team of grassroots advocates and acts as a grassroots legal aid to empower people to have a better comprehension on the laws that govern and affect them; to make them well equipped to improve their lives and defend themselves. Left Right acts a voice for those who are displaced, afflicted and those who are unable to speak for themselves; this includes but not limited to Refugees, Children, Women, Girls, Persons with disabilities, Prisoners, etc. Anguah has worked to rescued hundreds of children from child-labor and child-trafficking.
He has worked in Ghana and Rwanda to promote good menstrual hygiene management among girls and to dispel myths around menstruation.
Anguah works to ensure that rights of refugees are upheld and helps refugees to gain access to education and employment; in turn boosting the economy as Refugees bring fresh skilled and unskilled labour, spending 85% to 100% of their incomes in their new homes.
He empowers refugees through their rights to work and education; leveraging its multi-dimensional aspects to educate and expand their life chances.
Anguah has a bachelor’s degree in Ports & Shipping administration, a bachelor’s degree in Law and a postgraduate in legal practice. He is a trained para-military and expert in children and Refugees Rights and a TEDx speaker. Anguah was named Future of Ghana and nominated as 2018 40 under 40.


Leading from the Front
With ideas that Work
by organising teams with purpose
Amplifying through technology
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