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Technology Stack we leverage for delivering the Impact
For Orchestration


Hootsuite provides refugees with basic and advanced social media marketing training as well as their platform
For creating videos


Lumen5 is our top choice for creating visual stories
Curating Content


Zapier is our top pick for curating the top content from all over the world
For creating images


Canva is our choice for creating pictures for our posts
Project Management


We use ClickUp for project managing the whole thing

Our simple, no-nonsense approach combined with the right choice of technology platforms has delivered the impact for us over the last 2 years. Here is our simple approach that has consistently delivere results.

  1. Understand what the client wants to achieve – To be a thought leader or To drive sales pipeline
  2. Recommend the right approach, the right channel and the right set of tools
  3. Come up with a strategy and Discuss and Agree with the Client
  4. Execute the Agreed Strategy using state of the art technology used by top design agencies
  5. Weekly Progress Report
  6. Monthly Results for feedback
  7. Course corrections
Most Clients have been with us for more than 12 months

StepUp.One graduates have completed internationally recognised cutting-edge training and experience
finding the best way to help personal brands, businesses, or organizations to achieve their goals.

Over the past two years, StepUp.One graduate’s

  1. have built B2B sales pipelines using LinkedIn,
  2. have built B2C brand awareness using Facebook and Twitter
  3. have helped build individual thought leaders on specified hashtags
  4. have delivered visual stories using videos
  5. They also have access to technical and strategic support from industry leaders.

StepUp.One graduates are affordable!

At only US$300 a month, employing a StepUp.One graduate is far more cost-effective than alternatives

Employers of StepUp.One graduates will be promoted across our global network and will be provided promotional materials for your social media.

By working with us you are part of the StepUp.One revolution where the global community comes together to address the refugee crisis in the most dignified way

Thanks to our partners Hootsuite and Lumen5,

Our graduates are trained to use the top social media platforms and tools used by the top design agencies while also recognising which combination is the best fit for each individual client.

StepUp.One graduates follow an evidence-based step-by-step process which can be tailored to every client’s needs regardless of size or ambition.

After an initial brief,

StepUp.One graduates are able to independently and remotely work toward your social media goals incorporating any requests or developments you or your business may have along the way.

Interested in employing a StepUp.One graduate?

Or know someone that might be?

Contact Our StepUp.One assessment team who can carry out an initial assessment of what impact we can create for you

HowTo@StepUp.One   or

Simply Whatsapp us at +447818845733

We’ve Stepped Up – Will You?

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