Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp is the 2nd largest in the World
Did you know that Uganda has one of the most generous and progressive approaches to hosting refugees in the region if not the world?


Uganda hosts nearly half of the 2 million refugees who have fled South Sudan since civil war broke out in 2013. After years of instability and economic downturn, South Sudan is now in its 4th year of civil war between the current government and its opposition. This has resulted in millions fleeing or becoming internally displaced to save their lives. 

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The Story of Bidi Bidi


Civil war drove an estimated 20,000 young boys from south Sudan


Most just six or seven years old, they fled to Ethiopia to escape death


Wandering in and out of war zones, these "Lost Boys" spent the next four years in dire conditions. Thousands of boys lost their lives to hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion. Some were attacked and killed by wild animals; others drowned crossing rivers and many were caught in the crossfire of fighting forces.


They walked more than a thousand miles, half of them dying before reaching Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya


They were known as the Lost Boys of Sudan.

We are putting every resource that we have at our disposal to making StepUp.One delivers the results. For us, this is the last mile. We can give them food, shelter, education, and health but with StepUp.One, we can give them Hope.

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