Courtney Noll

Courtney Noll is a current junior at Cornell University studying Industrial and Labor Relations with a focus on gender equity and labor. She has experience conducting both quantitative and qualitative research as it it relates to both of these issues. Formerly, she worked as a research and policy analyst intern at the United States Department of Labor conducting research on workforce engagement programs for women and at-risk youth. Courtney’s interest in labor and female empowerment extends to the international sector, as well. Courtney previously worked as project consultant for an NGO in India, in which she designed an original survey metric for community distribution to measure if the NGO’s initiatives had created human capital, social capital, and adaptive leadership skills among women living in the seven slums of Mysore, India. Courtney is now working for a nonprofit in Honduras to design an original research project evaluating the factors that affect female economic empowerment of women living in the rural villages of Honduras.