Francesca Biscione

4 Years
+34 672 437772

Personal Information

With 4 years of experience in Sales, I currently work for the sales department at Oracle Digital. Passionate and focused on HR, I collaborate with companies in the Professional Services Industry that are based throughout Italy. I hold a Bachelors of Linguistic-Cultural Mediation degree and a Masters in International Communication (Social Media).

It’s my first real volunteering experience. I’m honored to be part of a team of such inspiring and committed people. Eager to learn from them, I’m ready to give my support on this project.

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution and still, there are some people who can’t access to education and develop their own potential. Let’s change that, together.


Power prospecting
Selling with value
Situational sales negotiation
How did I acquire these skills
  1. Make customer segmentation and profiling
  2. Prepare outbound sales approaches: social media, emails, phone calls
  3. Support companies with their investments on softwares (selling value + calculation of ROI)



How did I learn these languages

  1. Italian is my mother tongue
  2. Learned English at school and improved it at work in London and Dublin
  3. Lived in Paris and wrote my degree thesis in French
  4. I stayed in Brazil for 10 months… with Portuguese speakers, it’s learn fast or die!


Computer Essentials, Word Processing and IT Security
Translation memory and machine translation

How did I earn these certificates


  1. European Computer Driving Licence
  2. SDL Trados certificate – Translation and Documentation software

My Journey & My Experience


Born in Naples and grown up in Potenza, Italy


Studied in Rome, Italy (Bachelor's degree)


Studied in Paris, France (Bachelor's degree)


Marketing specialist in London, UK


Studied in Turin, Italy (Master's degree)


Sales Account Executive in Dublin, Ireland


Web content writer in Curitiba, Brazil


Business Development Consultant at Oracle, Dublin, Ireland

2017 - Present

Sales Account Executive at Oracle, Malaga, Spain

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