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Kutupalong Refugee Camp is the world's largest camp
More than a million Rohingya have fled Myanmar over the past several years.

Most of them have crossed the border from Myanmar to Bangladesh and settled in the Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazaar.

The Rohingya are a minority Muslim community that has seen religious prosecution in Myanmar for years. Many had already left over the past decades. However, in August 2017, the violence escalated. So, the Rohingya had to flee as their villages were burned down and their people were murdered. Today, Kutupalong is the largest refugee camp in the world.

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The Story of Kutupalong - Coxs Bazaar


The camp began after thousands of Rohingyas fled from the Burmese military's Operation Pyi Thaya (Operation Clean up and Beautiful Nation)


Extensive attacks upon Myanmar's Rohingya in Rakhine state, by Myanmar's military and local civilians, drove hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to flee Myanmar, into Bangladesh, swelling the camp


Since 2018, Kutupalong refugee camp has been the world's largest refugee camp


With flimsy shelters, built on steep hillsides, the camps are prone to flooding and landslides, particularly during monsoons.[23][24][25] In August, 2018, Human Rights Watch urged Bangladesh to relocate the camps to sturdier structures, on safer ground in Cox's Bazar.


Kutupalong refugee camp and expansion site had a combined population of 598,545 and 187,423 families, with an area of just 13 square kilometres, while entire refugee camp have been 860,356.
Taking Registrations for Kutupalong Refugee Camp

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    The military junta plans to repatriate Rohingya from Bangladesh soon, but with ongoing persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar, the situation is precarious. 34 #Rohingya were detained in Sittwe by the military while attempting to escape the ongoing violation.

    "This eloquently-written book is a well-grounded overview of the most disruptive political force in Myanmar" - @BookReviewsAsia on Return of the Junta by @oliver_slow

    📗 https://bit.ly/3lYbnMM

    📰 https://bit.ly/3XNoHk7
    #Myanmar #Junta #Military #Tatmadaw #Rohingya

    On this Friday, let's take a moment to reflect on the wise words of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

    Today, we invite you to join us in offering Salat and asking Allah (S.W.T) to bring peace & joy to the #Rohingya refugees.



    34 #Rohingya men and a boat captain were arrested from seashore near by Ohn Taw IDP camps, Sittwe, on March 22, who were going to Malaysia who trying go to Malaysia, according to the Rakhine State-based military council news agency.

    Human trafficking of #Rohingya is significantly increasing due to lack of jobs opportunities, food insufficiency and insecurity in the Refugee Camps, #Bangladesh.

    Flames destroyed everything #Rohingya people had preserved but the fire could not affect their struggle for an honorable return to their home

    @mkbablu reports from #CoxsBazaar


    Education is not just a privilege, it's a basic right. The lack of access to proper education is taking a toll on #Rohingya refugees, leading to devastating consequences. Let's prioritize education for all and especially for Rohingya who faced decades-long persecution in 🇲🇲.

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