Abigail Ndooka

10 Years

Personal Information

Miss Ndooka is motivated to solve societal problems through entrepreneurship and legal innovation. She is committed to improve the state of the world through driving policy and law. She believes the two can be used to advance technology in Africa and influence socio-economic development. Her main area of practice is International Trade and Investment.
As the Policy and Advocacy Manager of Global Shapers she is leading the Open Africa Initiative. This is an initiative of African Global Shapers that seeks to promote greater cultural and economic regional integration hoping to improve intra-Africa Trade and the opening of African Corridors through adoption of modern technologies and use of renewable energies. The movement also advocates for a visa free Africa.
She is empowering young entrepreneurs by offering affordable legal services through her community called the Start-up Clinic that is under The Techvillage. She works with young entrepreneurs who run solution based tech start-ups. The Clinic offers free to affordable legal consultancy on environmental law, intellectual property, compliance, tax law, company registration, agreement drafting and negotiations, tender applications and investment broking. She believes that intellectual property rights in Africa are a vehicle for technology development
She is an Alumni of Enactus Zimbabwe and Ford Foundation’s Young Women Leadership
She also has a passion for women empowerment and she is working towards empowering women in the beauty services industry through Nakiso Beauty which is aimed at modernising and digitalising the beauty services industry in Zimbabwe. This company is an innovative business that capacitate women from less privileged backgrounds and advocates for the use organic beauty products and sustainable management of waste from the industry.


Leading from the Front
With ideas that Work
by organising teams with purpose
Amplifying through technology
How did I acquire these skills
  1. Running a business vertical for an $11 billion technology company
  2. Conceptualized and delivered ideas resulting in brand new business ventures
  3. Built and managed teams with a sense of purpose and outcome
  4. Leveraged technology to amplify outcomes
  5. Motivated and Inspired teams to persevere



How did I learn these languages

  1. English has been my language throughout the school & at work
  2. Learned Hindi from colleagues & practice regularly with friends
  3. Tamil is my mother tongue


Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
Deep Learning by Andrew Ng
Justice by Michael Sandel

How did I earn these certificates

  1. Machine Learning from Coursera
  2. Deep Learning from Coursera
  3. Justice from Harvard University

My Journey & My Experience


Born in Madurai, India


Studied in Chennai, India


Completed University in BITS, pilani


Worked as an SAP consultant


Joined Infosys


Product Manager at TIBCO, Palo Alto


Program Manager at UBS, London


Multiple Leadership Roles in Infosys Europe

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