Daniel Stephen (Dr Progress)

12 Years

Personal Information

Stephen is a transformation strategist with a passion for service to God, Africa’s development and humanity. Masters degree holder in Research and Public Policy, Uganda Christian University. Development strategist; researcher; entrepreneur; activist; philanthropist. Aims to transform Africa into a first-world continent, where every human has equal opportunity to maximize their potential. Nicknamed Dr Progress partly for the creation of a poultry farm that financed computer literacy. Has founded and co-founded several organizations, including Leaders Club, Society for Childs Educational Development, GREEN UCU, Worldwide progress and Progress Farms. Currently researching how higher education institutions can teach 21st-century skills. Interests: development and sustainability with a focus on education and agriculture.

He is passionate about leveraging technology through education to amplify and help people reach their full potential. Refugees are also humans with potential. We are all refugees at some point in our lives.

Currently in the National Youth Service Program of Nigeria while running different projects in the non-profit sector. 


Leading from the Front
With ideas that Work
by organising teams with purpose
Amplifying through technology
How did I acquire these skills
  1. Working for different multi-million dollar conglomerates 
  2. Conceptualized and delivered ideas resulting in brand new business ventures
  3. Built and managed teams with a sense of purpose and outcome
  4. Motivated and Inspired teams to persevere
  5. An openness to learning at all times.



How did I learn these languages

  1. English has been my native language
  2. Learned French while growing up in Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire 
  3. Learner Swahili while schooling in East Africa

My Journey & My Experience


Born in Kano, Nigeria


Studied in Uganda


National Youth Service


Multiple for profits and non- profits

The use of tribalism and bigotry is not only unacceptable but also a threat to our democracy and our nation's unity. We must continue to work together to ensure that our elections are conducted peacefully and that the rights of every voter are protected.

I’ve always known we were divided in Nigeria, I just didn’t know it was this deep. This States election has revealed the true underbelly of our whale. I’m deeply troubled by the unimaginable level of violence, ethnic profiling &the unprecedented voter suppression across PUs. Sad!

Fellow Nigerians, it's 3 days to go and in my quiet moments I know that Nigerians are wondering what Peter Obi is thinking. I will share my thoughts here because I have Nigeria on my mind!

FYI: The @Cc_HUB @iHub #Edtech Accelerator is supported by about 30 professionals with diverse expertise, including Learning Science and Pedagogy, Product Devs, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Govt. Relations, Community Managers and Product Testers (mostly teachers)

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Nurturing Emerging Political Leaders: Navigating Your Way Through The Applications for The 2023 Cohort.

Time: 6pm

How sensitive are Nigerians toward the 2023 General elections, and why should they get involved?

To get more insight on this discussion, join us for a Facebook Live QandA Session on the topic: “2023 General Elections: The Need To Get Involved.”

Let me start with special thanks to NESG not only for this opportunity to interact this morning on Our Pact with Nigerians but also for all you have been doing for a better Nigeria over these years. #POatNESG

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