Don't give us hand-outs, Give us a marketable skill & Connect us to global opportunities
Inspired by this challenge, We decided to Reskill & Employ Refugees as Digital Professionals
Our Story

Jan 2019

Mohamed Hassan, Satya Nadella and Klaus Schwab inspired us to transform rhetoric into action
Empower the marginalized in refugee camps with state-of-the-art reskilling initiatives, bridging the gap to global opportunities that not only offer engagement but also ensure equitable financial rewards.

Feb 2019

We presented our innovative concept, 'Reskilling & Employing Refugees,' to UNHCR
Special thanks to Mohamed Hure, Seda Kuzucu, and Sukru Cansizoglu at UNHCR Kakuma for their essential support with resources and our initial group.

Feb 2019

We chose to transform refugees into digital professionals
Specialising on using Social Media for Generating Leads, Thought Leadership, Raising Capital and Talent Acquisition

Mar 2019

Despite the lack of running electricity or water, over 60% had access to mobile phones and internet connectivity
This report - "Opportunities and barrier to using mobile technology and the internet in Kakuma refugee camp and Nakivale refugee settlement" from Samuel Hall , Elrha and HIF was instrumental in our decision to go with Social Media as the core skill.

Mar 2019

We designed and executed a step-by-step program

Apr 2019

To onboard, train and help the refugees find their first job

Apr 19

We also hand-picked tools used by top design agencies to deliver professional outcomes

Apr 19

We engineered a "7-Step Model" to deliver training, to find jobs and to execute work for our clients

Apr 2019

We started with a team of 5 refugees in 2019

Dec 20

We reached 50 refugees in 2020

Dec 21

We scaled to 1,000 in 2021

Jan 22

We plan to scale to 10,000 refugees across 7 camps in 2022
Our pilot team of 5 from Kakuma Refugee camp
Over the last 3 years, we have grown to
Refugee Graduates
Refugee Camps
Skills Mastered
Working Spaces
Working for hundreds of clients like you
Delivering 10x Execution on

Your Time

You are busy. But you have clear strategies. Let us become your execution arm for those strategies

Your Strategy

We take your strategy, codify it and execute it till we find out if your strategy is working or not

Your Role Power

By executing everyday on behalf of you, we are making the best use of your role power in the digital world

Your Digital Identity

Your digital clout keeps increasing as we post content on your behalf and engage with your relevant clients

Your Relationships

Continuously add new connections and nuture relationships with people that are relevant to your world

Your Priorities

We execute across all of your priorities and report which priority is delivering outcomes and which dont
Our 7-Step Methodology for Lead Generation

Step 1

Understand Your Objective
Generate Revenue or Raise Capital or Build Team

Step 2

Frame it into a story
Using the "Start With Why" framework

Step 3

Convert it into a video
Using Lumen5

Step 4

Identify your target audience
Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator / Twitter

Step 5

Connect with target audience
Using your "Why" video

Step 6

Engage with connected audience
Using meaningful call to action

Step 7

Close it with a sale or meeting
Using a subscription or calendar link
Our 7-Step Methodology for Thought Leadership

Step 1

Understand Your Objective
Increase Thought Leadership or Drive Inbound Sales

Step 2

Keywords that you want to known for
Determine the Top 10 trusted sources based on your keywords

Step 3

Stakeholders you want to known amongst
Identify and Connect with them

Step 4

Influencers who move and shake your world
"Like and share" relevant content from influencers

Step 5

Identify and Post top content
from Trusted Sources

Step 6

Create and Post original content
Using photos, videos and text you provide to us

Step 7

Report and Improve
Monthly reporting to observe impact
Three Pricing Options to hire our team

Increase Thought Leadership

Per Month
  • Build Personal Brand
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover
  • Identify & Post 10 Trusted Content
  • Collect & Post 10 Original Content
  • Amplify Content across 5 groups
  • Build Personal Network
  • Identify 500 Client Profiles
  • Connect & Build Network
  • Weekly Progress Dashboard
  • Use Cases
  • Personal Branding
  • Thought Leadership
  • Content Leadership
  • Build Relationships
  • Nurture Connections

Generate Revenue

Per Month
  • Market Validation
  • Identify Core & Adjacent Markets
  • Validate Each Market Segment
  • Personalized message outreach
  • Focus on Segments that deliver
  • Lead Generation
  • Identify & Connect with Clients
  • Engage & Nurture Clients
  • React to clients posts & news
  • Outreach to old connections
  • Weekly Progress Dashboard
  • Use Cases
  • Opportunities Pipeline
  • Recruitment Pipeline
  • Investor Pipeline

Hyperscale Email Or Groups

Per Month
  • Hyper-Scale through Email
  • Identify 500 Potential Stakeholders
  • Connect with them through Email
  • Engage them with your Pitch
  • Set-up meetings with Stakeholders
  • Hyper-Scale through Groups
  • Identify 30 relevant groups
  • Post One Top Content every Week
  • Engage Clients with Comments
  • Report Outcomes Weekly & Monthly
  • Use Cases
  • Hyperscale Revenue Generation
  • Hyperscale Thought Leadership
  • Hyperscale Content
  • Hyperscale Fundraising
Our Client explains the outcomes we have delivered so much better than we ever could
What happens after you subscribe ?
Your team start to work with you to detail your strategy, give it a structure, execute your strategy and report progress using a dashboard

Detailing Your Strategy

Top 10 market segments, Key Messages for each, Priority , Ideal Client Profile, Adjacent Markets , Success Criteria , Follow-Up Strategy, Call To Action


Every aspect of your strategy is clearly laid out in to your Dashboard which takes shape as the brain behind everything that your team will execute on behalf of you

Team Structure

3 Members in your team. Client Partner builds out your dashboard. Team Leader reports progress. Team Member execute everyday.


All communication happens through a common whatsapp group where everyone is present. Your team will make sure that you are pulled into all the important conversations.


Team Leader reports weekly progress using dashboard. Client Partner reports monthly outcomes. This helps keep track of outcomes.

Course Corrections

Your Strategy. Our Execution. Dashboard begins to show results across all market segments. Together we decide corrections and implement them on your dashboard.
Our Vision is to Create The World’s Largest Digital Workforce

Step 1

Master the science of Reskilling Refugees on social media marketing at scale and at speed

Step 2

Find them a concrete job that pays them for their skills within Stepup.One

Step 3

As they develop their skills and become more competent, facilitate the Reskilled Refugees to find jobs on open job portals like UpWork.com

Step 4

Make sure the step by step guide is followed for all client interactions, postings, results and eventual payments

Step 5

Launch the idea of Reskilling Refugees on one marketable skill and scale it across all mature UNHCR camps
The Story of Kakuma Refugee Camp