"When capital, goods, and money move so freely across the world, why is that we 185,000 refugees are stuck in a camp for more than 20 years. Can you help us get access to marketable skills and connect us to global opportunities?" challenged Mohammed Hassan, Refugee-Co-Chair, World Economic Forum, Davos 2019
Inspired by this challenge, we decided to reskill refugees on a marketable skill and connect them to opportunities that pay. Have a look at our journey so far.

Jan 19

We reached out and convinced the UNHCR leaders at Kakuma about ReSkilling Refugees on a marketable Skill

Jan 19

UNHCR selected five refugees from the Kakuma Camp to be our pilot team

Feb 19

Together we decided to Reskill Refugees on Social Media Marketing

Mar 19

We designed and executed a step-by-step plan for training in social media marketing

Apr 19

We hand-picked tools used by top design agencies to deliver a professional service

May 19

We trained our graduates to use the right social media platform to deliver the right impact for every individual client

Jun 19

We expanded our services to Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Research

Dec 20

Team expanded from 5 to 50 Refugee Graduates in 2020

Sep 21

We are 250 Refugee Gradutes right now and on target to hit 1000 by the end of 2021
We started with a pilot team of 5 from the Kakuma Refugee camp
Over the last 3 years, we have grown to
Refugee Camps
Refugee Graduates
StepUp Team
There are 3 ways you can join this human revolution where the global community comes together to address the refugee crisis in the most dignified way


Our graduates deliver three types of services to individual business leaders, Social selling ( Lead Gen) , Social Media Marketing ( thought leadership), Social Media Research

Refugee Graduate

If you are refugee in any of the UNHCR managed camps across the world, please join the reskilling program

Change Maker

You can join the StepUp.One team as a mentor / changemaker providing your voice to our cause

We help individual business leaders connect with their target audience through the strategic use of their social media

Step 1

Understand the client context and objective
Revenue or Thought Leadership?

Step 2

Re-frame the objective into a powerful story
We follow the "Start With Why" framework to narrate your vision

Step 3

Convert the story into a compelling video
We use Lumen5 to make your story sing

Step 4

Identify the target audience / buyers
We use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify your audience ( Can do it with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well)

Step 5

Connect with them using the video
We connect with each one of your target audience on your behalf

Step 6

Converse with connected audience
We engage in meaningful conversations

Step 7

Close the sale or Formalise meetings
We can close it with either a subscription or a zoom meeting
Having built substantial client connections, We then nurture the relationships by sharing relevant content

Step 1

You give us - Social Media Credentials
We - Baseline of your social media profile using Hootsuite

Step 2

You give us - Hashtags and Keywords that matter
We - determine the Top 10 influencers for your industry based on your keywords using BuzzSumo

Step 3

You give us - the target audience demographics
We - Identify the target audience that we want to go after

Step 4

You validate the key list of - Influencers
We - make sure we "Like and share" relevant content from the top influencers using IFTTT

Step 5

You validate the - Content we recommend
We - Comment on top and create a point of view using Hootsuite

Step 6

You give us - Pictures and Videos
We - Curate the story and post it using Canva

Step 7

You give us - bullet point of your ideas
We - start creating original content, videos and start influencing your target market using Canva
Three Pricing Options to hire our team

Personal Branding

Per Month
  • Marketing focused
  • Profile Makeover
  • Posting Original Content (60/year)
  • Posting Trusted Content (60/year)
  • Amplifying Content (20 groups)
  • Drive Relevant Follower Count
  • Weekly Progress Dashboard
  • Use Cases :
  • Brand Me Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Content Leadership on Hashtags
  • Nurture Existing Connections

Lead Generation

Per Month
  • Sales focused
  • Professional Branding
  • Seed & Nurture CXO relationships
  • Identify & Segment Target Clients
  • Product – Market Validation
  • Clients Contacted (5,000 per year)
  • Clients Engaged (1,000 per year)
  • Clients Converted (50 per year)
  • Weekly Progress Dashboard
  • Use Cases :
  • Qualified Lead Pipeline
  • SAAS Revenue Pipeline
  • Recruitment Pipeline


From $
Per Month
  • Speed Focused
  • Company & Employee Branding
  • Clients Contacted (500,000 per year)
  • Clients Engaged (100,000 per year)
  • Clients Converted (5,000 per year)
  • Use Cases :
  • Hyper-Scaling Market Validation
  • Hyper-Scaling Revenue
  • Hyper-Scaling Recruitment
  • Hyper-Scaling Fundraising
  • Hyper-Scaling Amazon SEO
  • Hyper-Scaling Employee Engagement
How will you benefit from this?
We would like you to treat our ReSkilled Refugees in the same professional manner you would normally use with any of your social media professionals.

Executed by ReSkilled Refugees

You will have direct visibility of execution by the refugee you have hired

Experienced mentors

Each refugee is supported one-on-one by an experienced mentor who has volunteered to coach the Reskilled Refugees

Visible Outcomes

You can see the agreed outcomes in the projects page of the Reskilled Refugee's portfolio

Direct Payments

Your money is directly paid into the bank accounts of the refugees vetted and verified by UNHCR

Verified by UNHCR

All of the participating refugees are identified for reskilling by UNHCR

Technology Platforms

We use world-class platforms like Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, and IFTTT to deliver good results
Our Vision

Step 1

Master the science of Reskilling Refugees on social media marketing at scale and at speed

Step 2

Find them a concrete job that pays them for their skills within Stepup.One

Step 3

As they develop their skills and become more competent, facilitate the Reskilled Refugees to find jobs on open job portals like UpWork.com

Step 4

Make sure the step by step guide is followed for all client interactions, postings, results and eventual payments

Step 5

Launch the idea of Reskilling Refugees on one marketable skill and scale it across all mature UNHCR camps
The Story of Kakuma Refugee Camp

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