Dadaab Refugee Complex is the 3rd largest in the World
First established in 1991, the Dadaab Refugee Complex in Kenya is one of the largest in the world.

Most refugees came there during the civil war in Somalia in the early 1990s.

Of these, many have children and grandchildren who were born in the camp. Others arrived in 2011 when the country was hit by drought and famine.

Today, the UN and the Somalian government are supporting refugees who would like to voluntarily return to Somalia.

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The Story of Dadaab


Camp was established when refugees fleeing the civil war in Somalia started to cross the border into Kenya


A large part of the residents in the old camps (Ifo, Dagahaley, Hagadera) arrived in Dadaab in the 1990s and have children and grandchildren born in the camps


The old camps resemble naturally-grown towns and have developed into commercial hubs connecting north-eastern Kenya and southern Somalia


A second large influx occurred in 2011, when some 130,000 refugees arrived, fleeing drought and famine in southern Somalia.
Taking Registrations for Dadaab Refugee Camp

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    Clerics in #Dadaab refugee camp vicinity discourage the public against breaking their fast before sunset. This has been the case for residents in the region for the last five days . Bizarre

    Refugee and host communities should be central participants in decision-making processes to facilitate greater inclusion and protection of refugees.

    Find out more: https://sayarainternational.com/refugee-return-research-in-dadaab-kenya/

    #RefugeeResearch #Dadaab

    Yusuf Osman Jaro, 58, is one of the profiled asylum seekers from Somalia who successfully registered at the Ifo camp in Dadaab Refugee Complex.

    #Dadaab has welcomed over 100,000 new arrivals from different countries, majority being from Somalia #EmergencyResponse @UNHCR_Kenya

    Also Had the pleasure of chatting with @KLeligdonova on her recent trip to #Dadaab, glad to hear registration of #refugees is ongoing after a long hiatus. This is a step towards access to basic needs & services @SKEmbKenya

    Fatuma of NYATO farsamo sold over Ksh 750k of her products during our women's business forum at #Dadaab supported by @IloProspects

    In collaboration with @GarissaChamber we’ll have more business fair in the county and national level

    We journeyed with @gilesduley's incredible work as a photographer, documenting the stories of new arrivals in #Dadaab

    From visiting Dadaab to cooking in a Somali hotel in the camp, his commitment to humanizing the #refugees experience is truly inspiring @unhcrkenya 📸@BabaHotani

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