Dadaab Refugee Complex is the 3rd largest in the World
First established in 1991, the Dadaab Refugee Complex in Kenya is one of the largest in the world.

Most refugees came there during the civil war in Somalia in the early 1990s.

Of these, many have children and grandchildren who were born in the camp. Others arrived in 2011 when the country was hit by drought and famine.

Today, the UN and the Somalian government are supporting refugees who would like to voluntarily return to Somalia.

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The Story of Dadaab


Camp was established when refugees fleeing the civil war in Somalia started to cross the border into Kenya


A large part of the residents in the old camps (Ifo, Dagahaley, Hagadera) arrived in Dadaab in the 1990s and have children and grandchildren born in the camps


The old camps resemble naturally-grown towns and have developed into commercial hubs connecting north-eastern Kenya and southern Somalia


A second large influx occurred in 2011, when some 130,000 refugees arrived, fleeing drought and famine in southern Somalia.
Taking Registrations for Dadaab Refugee Camp

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    Kenya's former parliamentary House speaker HE farah moalim will be this week visiting #Dadaab Refugee camp.
    Mr moalim ,a kenyan- somali veteran politician is set to deliver speech in organised public gathering in Dagahaley refugee camp,one of the 3 camps of the complex.

    Somalia’s #Jubbaland State President @PresidentMadobe visited the IDP settlements in #Dhobley town on Wednesday to assess the situation on the ground.

    Many people who returned from #Dadaab refugee camp & others who fled from remote areas hit by the drought live in the town.

    Impressed by the passion I saw of the refugee youths to acquire skills in #Dadaab camps.
    The work of the partners in providing this significant life saving opportunities is appreciated.
    Many thanks to @drckenya @NRC_Norway @RESCUEorg

    Today #Garisa, #Dadaab have agreed with #Azimio family one important thing, #Security. @RailaOdinga will ensure that security is paramount in the region and will create a good relationship with #Somalia to enhance economic prosperity of our country
    #Garisa tutarundi tena

    Today at #Dadaab refugee complex I met and exchanged views on a variety of issues facing the youth population in the refugee camps.
    It is always a pleasure to meet and admire their resilience in the face of mounting challenges.
    “Provide education and livelihood opportunities”.

    To the hardworking, resilient owner of #SomaliHotel in #Dadaab that feeds everyone regardless of where he/she is frm and all other displaced persons i celebrate you on this


    #WhenEver #WhereEver #WhoEver

    Off course you'll not miss a banana even in our art.

    The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and @ITCnews in Kenya have partnered with AFRALTI to build digital capacity among the refugee community in Dadaab Kenya. Read more https://www.afralti.org/digital-skills-training-and.../ #DigitalSkillsTraining #Dadaab #ecommerce #refugees #NRC #ITC

    Over a year ago, #Kenya announced it would close the #Dadaab refugee camp by June 2022, causing great uncertainty among refugees.

    On #WorldRefugeeDay, a reminder that its time to redouble efforts to find durable solutions for #refugees

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