Amit Sreedharan

Re-Imagining Oil & Gas Digital Transformation
15 Years
Role :
Senior Director

Executive Summary

I am a change agent and a digital technology enthusiast and gains satisfaction in creating and simplifying solutions by instilling empathy into technology.

Presently, the Senior Director for client services for Infosys based out of Geneva, I started my career with Dell and then Infosys 16 years back. I have lived and worked extensively across the Middle East, Europe, the United States and India with many blue-chip clients as a technology evangelist converting real-world problems into technology solutions.

Through my career I have played multiple roles across strategy, consulting and sales and has been responsible for driving growth and innovation across key customers, increasing the adaption of new technologies and putting in place localization strategies and partnerships working with his leadership team.

Key Objectives We Set Out to Achieve

  1. To be an authority and a thought leader on “Oil & Gas Digital Transformation”
  2. To engage with existing clients as well as create new client relationships that matter
  3. To convert these relationships to potential business pipeline

An integrated energy offer leveraging the experience of @Infosys and @bp_plc @bp_India . https://t.co/zd8O23dbJ4
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bp India @bp_India
bp and Infosys partner to develop an Energy-as- a- Service (EaaS) offering to provide end-to-end management of a customer's energy assets and services https://t.co/cYd2sJtACs @PMOIndia @dpradhanbjp @DghIndia @Infosys @bp_plc https://t.co/3n32iCdilh

While the larger oil and gas companies are being more responsible, the smaller ones need to make decisions in conscious of the environment # SaveOkavango. @AfricaRecon , Please stop.

We are pleased that @akersolutions will mature the topside modifications needed to accommodate power from shore at the Troll B and C platforms. This supports the industry`s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Norway with 40 percent by 2030 and to near zero by 2050.

Chairman and CEO Darren Woods weighs in on the future of energy at the International Petroleum Technology Conference 2020. #IPTC2020 https://t.co/2CyXiip9oq
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International Petroleum Technology Conference @iptc_net_org
Global thought leaders elaborate on #Sustainability, oil price #volatility, and the #future of the oil and gas industry! https://t.co/5th0PiAFEM

Ahead of the @wef 50th Annual Meeting @davos we’re highlighting how we’re facing the cybersecurity challenges of increasing digitization and hyper connectivity with our Partners: https://t.co/sTIm8B3ssQ #impact #wef20 @wefenergy @wefcybersec

Infosys helped a large #bank enhance its online banking services by creating #disruptive innovation for providing entirely new #banking experiences digitally. Read more https://t.co/lDO38y15zm #NavigateYourNext https://t.co/REV1fUuIvf amitsreedharan photo