Ryan O’Sullivan

Re-Imagining B2B Relationships
23 Years
Role :
Head of professional services EMEA & APAC, Introhive

Executive Summary

Client relationship quality has never been more important than it is today. But how can we measure the quality of a one-to-one business relationship?

Ryan has spent the past five years researching this at the Doctorate level, to define the factors that contribute to high-quality B2B relationships. This involved conducting in-depth interviews with CxOs from FTSE 100 companies, including leading banks, retailers and petroleum companies. They explained specifically what the best partners they have ever worked with did that was so different from the rest, but also what the best individuals they have ever worked with did that made the partnership so uniquely successful.

The output is a comprehensive model defining six components of Relationship Capital (self-orientation, ability, effectiveness, honesty, commitment and benevolence), which must be applied in unison and must be underpinned by a strong work ethic. The research showed that along with all of this, to maximize the chances of relationship success, communication should also be adapted to suit the personality profile of the individual.

Ryan comes with over 20 years of sales experience, specialising in how to leverage relationships to grow large accounts faster, to increase the win rate of strategic deals and to penetrate prospect accounts more effectively 

Key Objectives We Set Out to Achieve

As Ryan was working towards completing his PhD on B2BRelationships and RelationshipCapital, He wanted

  1. To be an authority and a thought leader on these two topics
  2. To engage with his existing clients as well as create new client relationships that matter
  3. To convert these relationships to potential business pipeline

How did we do on those Objectives

  1. To be a leader – Ryan ranks on top for both #B2BRelationships and #RelationshipCapital in Twitter
  2. To engage with clients – Ryan has engaged with more than 4000 while adding 2000 more new clients to his network.
  3. To build business pipeline – Ryan has been able to build a continuous stream of business pipelines through one on one engagements

Ryan’s Testimonial on his experience with Stepup.One

“It was the concept that blew me away as soon as I heard about stepup.one but within minutes they made me realize that they are trying to deliver value and not asking me to be charitable. It has been 16 months since I started my journey with Stepup.One and I cannot begin to list the number of ways in which their work has impacted my life.

First, my boss started asking me how I became suddenly so much active on the social media, for someone who has never tweeted, I now not only have a relevant 600+ followers but if you search #B2Brelationships I am on all top 3 of the Twitter search which is also the topic of my doctorate.

We also started working on LinkedIn, be it connecting with the right target audience, messaging with my thought leadership, slowly but steadily building my pipeline …. Bahana has simply made a huge difference to my social media world”

Looking for business success? invest the right level of time and energy in building relationships.

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“If structural capital is being delivered in the right way, to the right people and at the right time, there will be more qualified engagement”

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Customer data is the key to unlocking your business’s growth potential. Top 3 Reasons FS Organizations need better #RelationshipIntelligence

1.Legacy technologies
2.Resistance to change
3.Platform and data source complexity

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