Kristine Pearson

Re-Imaginng Radios
33 Years
Lifeline Energy
Role :
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Summary

Lifeline Energy is a mission-driven non-profit social enterprise. We are the only designer, manufacturer and distributor of power-independent MP3 players and radios for the humanitarian sector.
Our products are thoughtfully designed for use in harsh conditions by groups including classrooms, listener clubs, cooperatives and clinics. For emergencies, we offer a range of portable radio-lights for families and individuals.
With 20 years of experience on the ground in Africa, we can help with multiple aspects of your communication projects. This includes needs assessments, product customisation, logistics, co-creating distribution plans, assisting in content creation, creating support materials and product training. Operating mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, we work across development sectors including education, health, agriculture, peace-making, economic development, environment and emergency response.
Since 1999, 650,000 power-independent radios and media players have been distributed. Each radio or MP3 benefits an average of 40 listeners, except in school programmes where the number is higher given large class sizes. Why solar radios for learning? Despite inroads made by cell phones and the internet in sub-Saharan Africa, radio remains the primary means of communication. Yet, in many areas electricity is still scarce or non-existent and the ongoing cost of batteries makes them unaffordable to the poor. Important informational and educational programmes often do not reach the groups they are meant to benefit. Our MP3s create a classroom anywhere, anytime. Our solar and wind-up Lifeplayer MP3 can be pre-loaded with up to 32 GB (480 hours) of school lessons, books, stories, podcasts and more.

Key Objectives We Set Out to Achieve

Lifeline Energy partnered with Stepup.One and provided us with an amazing opportunity to unleash our social media skills and our newly learnt lumen5 skills for visual storytelling.

How did we do on those Objectives

  1. We had all of our refugee graduates trained on Lumen5.com for creating video content
  2. We prepared and executed a social media brief along with the CEO of Lifeline Energy.
  3. Kristine Pearson visited the graduates at the Kakuma Refugee Camp and trained them soft skills.
  4. We created the very first video that went live with Lifeline Energy using Lumen5

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