Khurram Jamil

Re-Imagining Adaptive Learning
18 Years
Role :
Founding partner of Area9 & President of Strategic Initiatives

Executive Summary

As a trained physician I care about people. In my early twenties, I got curious about the intersection between humans and technology and how that can bring about positive change. I left clinical medicine to pursue these goals first at the medical education simulation pioneer Sophus Medical, then at Laerdal Medical and the last +10 years at Area9. We have pioneered adaptive learning and developed some of the worlds most advanced platforms based on computer science breakthroughs and deep understanding of how humans can use and benefit these technologies.

I am deeply involved in the products and services that we develop and the meaning these solutions create for people and society at large. Area9’s teams have a diverse set of talent and skills and my aim it to connect the different worlds within our company as well as the organizations we partner with. We try to seek challenges that are hard to solve, but we always approach the challenge with humbleness. All this gives purpose and meaning to what I do every day.

As a medical doctor, you don’t just say to your patients that everything will be 100% cured if you take a certain treatment. You know there are uncertainties, and that you are dealing with complex biological organisms so things are not just black and white. Having been trained with that mindset and knowing we actually still have much to discover in medicine, combined with close to 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s best computer scientists, you learn to acknowledge navigating in uncertainty and stay agile when running technology-based projects and companies.

In an age of AI and algorithms I believe that arts and culture play an ever-important role in helping to build more creative and reflective companies and societies, therefore, I aim to devote time and engage in various cultural & art organizations. 

Key Objectives We Set Out to Achieve

  1. To be an authority and a thought leader on “Adaptive Learning”
  2. To engage with existing clients as well as create new client relationships that matter
  3. To convert these relationships to potential business pipeline

Khurram’s Testimonial on his experience with Stepup.One

“Bahana has been a pleasure to work with. From day 1 understood the tasks and followed through. Wishing him a great new year and future”

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