Mahadev Chikkanna

Re-Imagining Sustainability
20 Years
Role :

Executive Summary

At Spectalite, we make sustainable materials with up-to 100% bio-content that helps reduce carbon footprint, pollution and increases use of fast-renewable resources.Our BioDur material is made to endure with up-to 50% bio-content. They help reduce weight, cost and can be recycled.Our BioPur material is 100% biodegradable with up-to 100% bio-content. Our materials are delivered as bio compounds suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding.To suit diverse product needs, we have grades with varying strength, stiffness, impact and flow properties.

Key objectives we set out to achieve

  1. To be an authority and a thought leader on “Global Sustainability”
  2. To engage with existing clients as well as create new client relationships that matter
  3. To convert these relationships to potential business pipeline

Key Message We converted to a Video

Join us to drive sustainability together​....
Safe, sustainable and superior quality products made with bamboo fibers, coffee husk and rice husk.​
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Ensure transparency and accountability​....
It’s a transparent deal as you can track the life cycle of each product using the QR code.
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Who to talk to for a plastic-free, low-carbon supply chain? . Talk to us if you want to discuss new and innovative ways of reducing the carbon footprint of your supply chain. ​
Write to us marketing @spectalite.com.​
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We believe an offering in the material space will only be successful and adapted when it has a drop-in advantage. use our #BioDur or #BioPur range of #biocomposite materials to manufacture #ecofriendly products. ​
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The core of any of our product offerings is to offer a complete Circular solution by offering buybacks. ​
These plates are made from #biocomposite material made with #ricehusk. These are otherwise burnt as crop waste. ​
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These origami bowls made with subtle colours are a perfect replacement to melamine and plastic bowls. They are safe, sustainable and superior in quality. They are also perfect for gifting your loved ones.​
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