Sukru Cansizoglu

UNHCR Head of Kakuma
20+ Years

Personal Information

Sukru works for UNHCR and he is in charge of the Kakuma Refugee Camp. He is first a Humanitarian and then an Education Practitioner.Head of UNHCR programs in Kakuma, Kenya, home to 185K refugees. Honored to work with them and and 


Social Media Marketing
Web Site Development
How did I acquire these skills
  1. Designed and implemented SMM for adventure travel start-up & School
  2. Built a website for the adventure travel start-up & Secondary School
  3. Photography has been my lifelong passion, there is no one place to start
  4. My portfolio has a massive collection of photographs taken over the years



How did I learn these languages

  1. English has been my language throughout the school & at work
  2. Learned Swahili from the Kenyans & practice regularly with friends
  3. Nuer is my mother tongue


Google My Business Certification
Facebook Growing Your Business Certification
Twitter Marketing Certification

How did I earn these certificates

  1. Google My Business Certificate
  2. Hootsuite for Social Media
  3. Google Certificate for Ads
  4. Facebook Certificate for Ads
  5. Twitter Certificate for Ads

My Journey & My Experience


Born in South Sudan


Came to Kenya


Completed Education at Nairobi


Came to Kakuma Refugee Camp


Certified on Psychosocial Case Management course


Completed "Global Health at Human- Animal Ecosystem Interface"


Certified on "Emergencies Crises" at Geneva Summer Schools

Feb 2019

Certified on Google My Business

Feb 2019

Completed a” Google My Business” project for Kakuma Refugee Secondary School in Kakuma

Mar 2019

Certified on Facebook Marketing

Mar 2019

Helped set up StepUp.One website

Apr 2019

In the process of setting up a website for adventure holiday company

Apr 2019

In the process of designing and launching a SMM for adventure holiday company

Technical Information

I want to change the perceptions of the world about refugees and shape the narratives around the Refugee Crisis. I would like the world to see refugees as people they can collaborate and work together with to achieve common goals, not only as victims of violence and war.

I am the Founder and Chairperson of Refugee Youth Peace Ambassadors, a youth-led group which brings together refugee youth from different nationalities and backgrounds who are contributing to the building of positive peace in their communities. Our initiatives help to enhanced peaceful coexistence between the refugees’ communities in the camp.

Contact Me

    Children remain heavily and disproportionately hard hit by forced displacement. Children account for 30% of the world’s population but 42% of all forcibly displaced people.
    #Bratislava @RefugeesCE @SedaKuzucu3 #WithRefugees

    In #Bratislava discussing and explaining that number of people forced to flee has increased every year over the past decade.
    With the Russian invasion of #Ukraine️ in February this year, the number is more than 100 million.
    #UNHCR #Bratislava #Slovakia #WithRefugees

    Where does it stop?

    At the end of 2021, 89.3 million people were #ForcedToFlee.

    Today, that number is more than 100 million.

    Our #GlobalTrends report reveals a trend that should not be one

    ❗ Ukrainian citizens 🇺🇦 holding #refugee/protective status in #Slovakia🇸🇰 now can apply to Refugee UN Volunteer Program to serve with UNHCR @RefugeesCE as Protection Assistant.

    🎓 Secondary education
    💼 Social work/public information exp
    💬 ENG + UKR
    👉 https://bit.ly/3NOSsMN

    Today, I have met with colleagues from @Refugees in my new role as the director of the Legal Aid Centre. While I have changed positions, my commitment to make sure that refugees have access 2 quality legal aid remains the same. Looking forward to cooperate @SedaKuzucu3

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