Luba Shara

Re-Imagining the Global Refugee Crisis
25 Years
Role :
Project Manager for Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund

Executive Summary

As of September 2020, East Africa accounted for 4.6 million refugees and asylum seekers and 8.1 million internally displaced persons. The region is hosting approximately 100 refugee camps and settlements. As the number of refugees continues to increase and the situation becomes protracted, host countries, donors, and humanitarian agencies are looking to the private sector to play a critical role in supporting refugee self-reliance and supporting host communities.

Entrepreneurs and private firms are best at implementing new ideas and developing business models able to uplift the most vulnerable among us. However, there is still very little presence of larger formal private sector in refugee camps. The reasons include an information and awareness gap among private sector companies about camps’ economic potential, market sizes, employment, consumer and financial data, logistics and security. By raising awareness about business opportunities in refugee camps and facilitating private sector entrance to refugee-hosting areas, we can become one step closer to resolving the global refugee crises and helping hosting communities.

Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund is a five-year program designed to support private sector investment and unlock the economic potential of refugees and their hosts in Kakuma Kalobeyei refugee-hosting area of Northern Kenya. KKCF aims to attract private companies and grow the local entrepreneurship potential to create jobs and improve service provision in the Kakuma area. KKCF addresses a wide range of private sector from small companies to medium-sized family businesses to social enterprises and large firms. Please follow us at <https://kkcfke.org>.

Key Objectives We Set Out to Achieve

  1. To be an authority and a thought leader on “Global Refugee Crisis”
  2. To engage with existing clients as well as create new client relationships that matter
  3. To convert these relationships to potential business pipeline