Re-Skilling Refugees and Connecting them to Opportunities that Pay Mohammad Hassan threw us all a challenge at Davos We stepped up and made contact with the Kakuma Refugee Camp We reskilled the refugees in the camp on Social Media Marketing Will you step up by giving them an opportunity?
"When capital, goods, and money move so freely across the world, why is that we 185,000 refugees are stuck in a camp for more than 20 years. Can you help us get access to marketable skills and connect us to global opportunities?" challenged Mohammed Hassan, Refugee-Co-Chair, World Economic Forum, Davos 2019
Watch the 5 minutes that captures the essence of strategic large deals
We decided to Step Up and make contact with the Kakuma Refugee Camp

Jan 19

We selected five refugees along with Kakuma UNHCR authorities to be our pilot team

Feb 19

We designed and executed a step-by-step plan for training these five refugees in social media marketing

Mar 19

We practised these new skills by creating websites and social media pages for five Kakuma Schools

Apr 19

We ran many hackathons to reinforce the refugee's skills by bringing in experts from the field

May 19

Based on the hackathon results, we came up with a step-by-step guide for executing social media campaigns

Jun 19

We continue to simplify and reinforce each step by using world-class platforms like Hootsuite and BuzzSumo
We trained the refugees in the camp on social media marketing because of the exponential growth of its global appeal as a highly marketable skill. It can be executed locally whilst achieving measurable results that can be showcased.
Pilot team of refugees from Kakuma camp
Will you Step Up by giving them an opportunity?

There are 3 ways you can step up

Give them a job

Give them a job

Now anyone can step up by giving the refugees a job – just give them your hashtags and keywords to make them a part of your social media team for $100 per month

Support their project

Support their project

Support the refugees initiative to create a digital identity of the schools in Kakuma as well as bring world-class education to the children of Kakuma using Kolibri.

Join as a mentor

Join as a mentor

You can join as a mentor to help with their training and the execution of their jobs

How will the refugees Step Up and do their job?

We take hashtags, keywords and credentials as inputs and we follow a step by step approach to deliver a social media outcome.

Step 1

Input - Social Media Credentials
Output - Baseline of your social media profile using Hootsuite

Step 2

Input - Hashtags and Keywords
Output - Determine the Top 100 influencers based on keywords and industry using BuzzSumo

Step 3

Input - Client Inputs
Output - Identify the target audience that we want to go after using Hootsuite

Step 4

Input - Influencers
Output - Likes and shares of relevant content from the top influencers using IFTTT

Step 5

Input - Content
Output - Commenting and creating a point of view using Hootsuite

Step 6

Input - Pictures and Videos
Output - Curating the story and posting it using Canva

Step 7

Input - Creative
Output - Get original, start creating own content and start influencing using Canva
There are three pricing options to hire the refugees on a monthly basis


Ideal for getting started
  • 1 user
  • 3 social accounts
  • 10 scheduled posts


Ideal for establishing brands
  • 3 users
  • 5 social accounts
  • 15 scheduled posts


Ideal for a Business
  • 5 users
  • 8 social accounts
  • 25 scheduled posts
How will you benefit from this?
We would like you to treat the refugees in the same professional manner you would normally use with any of your social media professionals.

Executed by refugees

You will have direct visibility of execution by the refugee you have hired

Experienced mentors

Each refugee is supported one-on-one by an experienced mentor who has volunteered to coach them

Visible Outcomes

You can see the agreed outcomes in the projects page of the portfolio

Direct Payments

Your money is directly paid into the bank accounts of the refugees vetted and verified by UNHCR

Verified by UNHCR

All of the participating refugees are identified and certified by UNHCR

Technology Platforms

We use world-class platforms like Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, and IFTTT to deliver good results
Our Vision

Step 1

Master the science of training refugees on social media marketing at scale and at speed

Step 2

Find them a concrete job that pays them for their skills

Step 3

As they develop their skills and become competent, facilitate them to find jobs on UpWork.com

Step 4

Ensure client interactions, results and payments

Step 5

Launch and scale the idea across mature UNHCR camps

Our refugee graduates from @Step_up_One are making an amazing impact through their thinking, messaging and now through professional storytelling. Look at their work supporting the 16 days of activism @16DaysCampaign @jessphillips @K_IngalaSmith @EduCannotWait @RobertGordonUni https://t.co/VnALMzzkVY
Omar's Film School @omar_film
Just Say NO to violence against women and girls. Support for 16 days of activism. @IOMBangladesh @3mpereira @UNHCR_BGD @UN_Women https://t.co/yt4O8E8HAI

This man designed a sleeping-bag coat to help the homeless keep warm https://t.co/RSRPkFqJT7 #Innovation #PioneersOfChange Sheltersuit https://t.co/XM8FvtsmjT Step_up_One photo

Thousands of impoverished families have been displaced after Hurricanes Eta and Iota battered countries like Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua just 2 weeks apart https://t.co/dJ3Trv1nL0

Drone footage of Quezon City, in the Philippines, shows the aftermath of Typhoon Vamco. The storm killed at least 42 people and displaced 350,000 residents https://t.co/oOcTeLI6ma

@AOC @ProjectLincoln You are a big inspiration for all of us @Step_up_One however We also love the videos from @ProjectLincoln. Do you have data that shows that they really did not deliver outcomes? What is the basis of your conclusions? It’s fair to ask questions but not fair to jump to conclusions!

We think it’s important the 70 million who gave their votes to @realDonaldTrump must be listened to, not just in rhetoric but in reality and policies. This will be one of the greatest challenges for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris for the next 4 years once they have tackled #COVID19

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