Wi-Fi for Kakuma Camp 1


Proividing the internet backbone for our refugee teams to do their work

Big Box by Jangala is a lightweight briefcase-sized device that transforms any form of internet connectivity into Wi-Fi that is easy to manage and scale, from tens to thousands of users.

By eliminating the need for costly technical expertise across installation, configuration and maintenance as well as by blocking unwanted content, Big Box substantially lowers the barriers to deploying internet access across a range of challenging refugee camp scenarios.


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Objective : 

  1. Bring world class communication infrastructure to our refugee team members through JangaLa – a company that builds wi-fi boxes for refugee camps.
  2. Provide reliable internet connectivity for hundreds of our refugee team members for carrying out the social media work for their clients

Why do we need this : 

  1. 100 user capacity on integrated dual-band Wi-Fi
  2. Expandable to 2,500 users with additional radios
  3. Global 4G modem + works with satellite
  4. Education suitable – easy content blocking
  5. Low power – 12 watts @ 10.5-48V DC input
  6. Rugged – water and shock proof
  7. Lightweight – 1.9 kilograms

Project Owner :  Paul Padiet

This project is being executed by Paul, a refugee at the Kakuma refugee camp. Have a look at his story at https://stepup.one/archives/team/paul

Project Mentor : Costanza Galla

This project is being mentored by Costa, a Global Shaper from the World Economic Forum. Have a look at her profile at https://stepup.one/archives/team/costanza

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