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I am originally from Rwanda but currently living in Kakuma Refugee Camp for about 18years now. I work for a refugee-led organization named Youth Education and Sports as a Social and Emotional Learning Coordinator. I also took part in the digital literacy project that was piloted by Microsoft In partnership with UNHCR. Attached is a link of my work for Microsoft team.

A young woman leads refugees toward independence — and shows how much technology can help

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Step by Step Execution Plan:

  1. Baseline the social profiles using Hootsuite
  2. Identify the top influencers based on keywords, hashtags, and industry using TapInfluence or buzz sumo
  3. Identify the target audience that we want to go after
  4. Start with basics – like retweeting the top influencers
  5. Move onto commenting and creating a point of view on top of what is being said
  6. Get original, start creating own content and start influencing using canva
  7. Repeat the same set of steps and get better with every sprint

Project Owner: Grace Muvunyi

This project will be executed by Grace, a refugee at the Kakuma refugee camp. Have a look at his story.


Project Mentor: Simran Suri

This project will be mentored by Simran, a Global Shaper from the World Economic Forum. Have a look at her profile.



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