Digitising Morneau Shepell Girls Secondary School


Will you step up by helping one of the refugees unleash his social media marketing skills to transform this school ?

Have a look at the objectives he has set for himself and where he is at right now.


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Objective : 

  1. Build an official website representing the school
  2. Build Facebook, Google, Instagram pages to raise the profile of the school in social media
  3. Run campaigns to raise awareness of the work that happens at the school and raise funds for the school

Current Status : 

  1. website –  https://vision.stepup.one/
  2. Google my business –
  3. Facebook Page –
  4. Instagram Page –
  5. Linkedin Page –
  6. Twitter Page –

Project Owner :  Nhial Deng

This project is being executed by Nhial, a refugee at the Kakuma refugee camp. Have a look at his story.

Project Mentor: Francesca Biscione

This project is being mentored by Francesca, a Global Shaper from the World Economic Forum. Have a look at her profile.

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