Bringing world class education to Vision secondary School, Kakuma Refugee Camp


Will you step up by helping one of the refugees unleash his social media marketing skills to transform this school ?

Have a look at the objectives he has set for himself and where he is at right now.


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Objective : 

  1. Bring world class education through Kolibri – the offline app for universal education that brings in platforms like Khan Academy offline
  2. Make World-Class education Accessible, Engaging and Rewarding for the many millions of students who are not connected and not aware of what world class education looks like
  3. Provide a clear line of sight with absolute transparency of who they are educating, how they are doing and monthly updates on outcomes

Current Status : 

  1. Bringing world class education to Kakuma Schools – in Progress
  2. School Kolibri website – in Progress
  3. Outcomes Page – in Progress

How the money will be spent : 

  1. One Server pre-loaded with all content from Kolibri
  2. One Wireless Router
  3. 20 iPad like notepads to access the material with earphones

Project Owner :  Yasmin Ahmed

This project is being executed by Yasmin, a refugee at the Kakuma refugee camp. Have a look at his story at https://stepup.one/archives/team/yasmin

Project Mentor : Fatuma Mahad

This project is being mentored by Fatuma, a veteran IT leader. Have a look at her profile at https://stepup.one/archives/team/fatuma

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