Bringing world class education to Bahr-el-Naam School


Will you step up by helping one of the refugees unleash his social media marketing skills to transform this school ?

Have a look at the objectives he has set for himself and where he is at right now.


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Objective : 

  1. Bring world class education through Kolibri – the offline app for universal education that brings in platforms like Khan Academy offline
  2. Make World-Class education Accessible, Engaging and Rewarding for the many millions of students who are not connected and not aware of what world class education looks like
  3. Provide a clear line of sight with absolute transparency of who they are educating, how they are doing and monthly updates on outcomes

Current Status : 

  1. Bringing world class education to Kakuma Schools – in Progress
  2. School Kolibri website – in Progress
  3. Outcomes Page – in Progress

How the money will be spent : 

  1. One Server pre-loaded with all content from Kolibri
  2. One Wireless Router
  3. 20 iPad like notepads to access the material with earphones

Project Owner :  Joelle Hangi

This project is being executed by Joelle, a refugee at the Kakuma refugee camp. Have a look at his story at https://stepup.one/archives/team/joelle

Project Mentor :  Mayank Pandya

This project is being mentored by Mayank, a veteran IT leader. Have a look at her profile at https://stepup.one/archives/team/mayank

Additional information

Funding status

Funded for 2 months


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